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When we look for household electrical appliances products for home shopping and as gifts. We find a lot of products sold online and in supermarkets but most of the products with good brands are very expensive and the rest is not assured of quality and origin is unclear, Good after-sales.


We want consumers to have quality household electrical products of guaranteed quality according to Japan standards, of clear origin with global brand name, which are delicately tailored to the culture of user tastes, Competitive prices and especially safe for health are products directly involved in food processing.


Good quality, modern technology and eye-catching designs are the top criteria we commit to bring to our customers. We understand that is the trust of our customers for us and that is our goal of working. Selecting us is the choice of "Comfort for Life".


We call it "MIDI-MORI"- comfort for life.


The name "MIDI" according to industry standards it is (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) - is recognized worldwide. We will also create products according to global standards.


In addition to "fashionable" MIDI, it is a fashion style that has been enjoyed by teenage mothers of previous decades around the world. It is a fashionable style that gives the wearer a soft appearance. Commercial, love, freedom, liberty. We will design highly aesthetic products that are recognized worldwide.


The name "MORI" in Japanese is written as "森" or "もり " which means "forest". It represents nature and originality. That is also our conviction for the quality of health-friendly and environmentally friendly products.



Japan: Technolygy consulting, Design, production process control


We have technology consulting, production process control and quality control as well as product design from leading experts from Tokyo denki university.




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